Burnett County Wisconsin
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Burnett County
Government Center
7410 County Road K
Siren, WI 54872
Other Appointments

Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Board -
2-year term
County Board Reps: 2 year terms; Consumer Reps: 3 year terms
Brent Blomberg (expires 5/20); Dorothy Richard (expires 5/19)            
Consumer Representatives: Beverly Sandberg (expires 5/19);Barb Behan(expires 5/20); Dick Klawitter (expires 5/20)

Aging Advisory Committee - 3-year term
Sharon Rochel (expires 5/22); Gladys Beers (expires 5/20); Dorothy Richard (expires 5/22); Barb Geske (expires 5/21); Gary Lundberg, ADRC Board Liaison (expires 5/20);

Board of Adjustment - 3-year term 
Marvin Stoll (expires 7/20); Dennis Quinn (expires 7/20); Chuck Awe, Alternate 1 (expires 7/20); Vacant, Alternate 2 (expires 7/21); Cathy Schmidt (expires 7/21)   Agendas

Burnett County Development Association
 - 2-year term
Ed Peterson (expires 4/20)

Burnett County Housing Authority - 5-year term
Barb Lyga (expires 4/22); 
Craig Conroy (expires 4/23); Mike Lee (expires 4/24); Dan Brown (expires 4/20); Doug Segelstrom (expires 4/21)

Burnett County Snow Trails Association - 2-year term              
Chuck Anderson (expires 4/20)

Burnett County Industrial Development Agency, Ltd. Board
County Board Chairman; Corporation Counsel; County Treasurer; County Clerk; Merlin Johnson; Glenn Meier; Mark Dahlberg; Rick Anderson; County Resource Agent, ex-officio

Court Commissioners
Ryan Benson, Todd Anderson, James Krupa

County Traffic Safety Commission - to serve until relieved 
County Traffic Safety Coordinator - Tammy Chell; Alternate - Jeff Schinzing; Highway Engineer - Chad Hines; Highway Commissioner - Mike Hoefs; State Patrol - Vacant; County Law Enforcement - Tracy Finch; Alternate - Steve Sacharski; Educator - Merlin Johnson; Medicine - Public Health Nurse; Alternate - Public Health Nurse; Law - George Benson; Alternate - David Grindell; County Board Representative - Dorothy Richard    Agendas     Minutes

Family Court Commissioner
James Krupa

Gandy Dancer Trail Commission - 3-year term
Herb Josephson (expires 4/20); Dan Brown (expires 4/21)Sue Smedgard (expires 4/22)

Health & Human Services Committee (Citizen Members)
1-year term (expires 4/20)
Blaise Vitale, M.D.; Tim Tjader; Laurel Stusek, R.N.; Priscilla Bauer

Indianhead Community Action Agency (ICAA) - 3-year term

Dorothy Richard, Community Representative (expires 7/22); Emmett Byrne, County Board Representative (expires 7/20 Philip Lindeman, Low Income Representative (expires 4/22)            

Inter Agency Long Term Support Planning Committee - 2-year term
Gary Lundberg (expires 4/20 Dorothy Richard (expires 4/20)

ITBEC Economic Development Committee - 2-year term
(Northwest International Trade Business Economic Council)
Don Taylor (expires 4/20)

ITBEC Tourism Committee - 2-year term
(Northwest International Trade Business Economic Council)
Chuck Anderson (expires 4/20)

Land Information Council - 2-year term (expires 4/20
Judy Dykstra, Jeanine Chell, Jason Towne, Marcy Basten, Janyl Friese, Brent Blomberg, Jim Tolbert
Larsen Family Public Library Board - 3-year term
Diane Lund (expires 4/21)Liz Simonsen (expires 4/22); Emmett Byrne, County Board Representative (expires 4/22)

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) - to serve until relieved
Gary Lundberg, Dave Ferris, Jim Tolbert, Emmet Byrne, Jim Ulmaniec, Chris Sybers, Allen Steiner,  Sabrina Naglosky, Allison Fern,  Tracy Finch, Mike Hoefs, Jeff Kenney, Jonathan Ritchie, Clifford Benjamin and Sandy Clark, Sarah Miller, Jeremy Gronski.

Natural Resources Committee - Citizen Members - 2-year term (expires 4/20
Roger Noe, Lake Shore Association Representative; Mike Chell, Farm Service Agency Representative 

Northern Regional Trail Advisory Committee (NoRTAC) - 2-year term (expires 4/20
Susan Ingalls; Sue Smedgard - Alternate; Chuck Anderson

Northern Waters Library Service - 3-year term
Laura Rachford (expires 1/21)  Emmett Byrne (expires 1/19)

Northwest Regional Economic Development Fund - 2-year term
Rick Anderson (expires 4/20)
Northwest Regional Housing Committee - to serve until relieved
Jason Towne

Northwest Regional Planning Commission - 2-year term
Donald Taylor (expires 4/20)

Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program (CEP) - 2-year term  
Emmett Byrne (expires 6/20) Brent Blomberg - Alternate (expires 6/19)

Recycling Control Commission (Burnett County Members) 2-year term (expires 04/21) 
Eldon Freese; Brent Blomberg; Philip Lindeman; Louis D'jock; Dennis Quinn
Location:  1400 S. River St., Spooner, WI  54801;
Phone: 715-635-2197    
Agendas     Minutes

Siren Tourism Commission - 1-year term
Chuck Anderson (expires 4/20)
Veterans Service Commission - 3-year term
Russell Unger (expires 12/20);Wendy Larson (expires 12/21); Jonathon Peltier (expires 12/19)

Visions Northwest - 2-year
John Richards (expires 4/20); Edgar Peterson - Alternate (expires 4/20)

Wisconsin Counties Association Group Health Trust - 2-year term
Don Taylor (appointed by association) (expires 4/20)

Wisconsin Counties Association Group Health Trust - 2-year term
Rick Anderson (expires 4/20)