Burnet County Wisconsin
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Burnett County
Government Center
7410 County Road K
Siren, WI 54872
Public Land Survey System
In Burnett County, the Original Government Survey came through and sectionalized the land starting in 1849 and ending around 1856. The Burnett County Land Services Department is responsible for maintaining these United States Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corners. 

The PLSS controls property boundaries and is the basis of land title. In 2008 the program at Burnett County was restructured to increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy using consistent surveying practices while decreasing the overall cost. 

Latest Technology
The latest Global Navigation Satellite System and Robotic Total Station technology is used to attain high-accuracy coordinate-data on the PLSS corners and on nearby reference monuments used to verify the position of the PLSS corner. This equipment also makes a one-man surveying crew possible. 

Filing a Field Record
After the surveyor has been to a corner in the field a record is made and filed at the Land Services Department, showing what was found or set for the corner along with other important data. One drawing maintained by the surveyor containing the entire County is kept current by importing data on a day-to-day basis. This drawing contains PLSS corners and a breakdown of any completed sections. At this point it is turned over to be digitally parcel mapped. 

Restructured Survey Program
As of April 2018 the restructured surveying program has been up and running for 10 years. In this time 22 townships have been completed, along with many other corners throughout the county because of road construction activites. In these 10 years, 2900 PLSS corners have been remonumented or had maintenance done, this represents 88% of the PLSS corners in the county.