Burnet County Wisconsin
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Burnett County Government Center
7410 County Road K
Siren, WI 54872
Where can I get a map of the Burnett County Forest Lands?
The best map showing Burnett County Forest Lands is a plat book. These are available at local retailers and in the County Clerk's Office located in the Burnett County Government Center. You may also use the GIS mapping system here on our website by going to the homepage and clicking on the "MAPS GIS" signpost on the righthand side of the screen.We have the CFL shown by individual townships here

Forest and Parks

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1. Am I able to cut firewood on Burnett County Forest Land?
2. Is camping allowed on Burnett County Forest Land?
3. May I cut a Christmas Tree from the Burnett County Forest?
4. Can I purchase a Camping, Firewood, or Christmas Tree Permit online?
5. Is it legal to hunt on Burnett County Forest Lands?
6. Can I leave my deer stand up overnight on County Forest Land?
7. Where can I get a map of the Burnett County Forest Lands?
8. Can I ride my ATV/UTV on the Gandy Dancer Trail?
9. When and where can I ride my snowmobile/ATV/UTV?
10. On what roads is it legal to ride my ATV/UTV?
11. Where can I get a snowmobile/ATV trail map?
12. What are the state definitions of an ATV or UTV?
13. Where can I get a map of the ATV township routes?
14. Who do I talk to about bear, deer, or any other wildlife issue?
15. How do I put my land into the Managed Forest Program?
16. Where can I get a Burning Permit?
17. Where can I ride my off-road motorcycle?
18. Do I need a bike pass to use the Gandy Dancer Trail?
19. Can I get a map of the Gandy Dancer Bike Trail?
20. Where can I go horseback riding in Burnett County?
21. The tree in my backyard is dying, who should I talk to?
22. Who do I contact to rent the park shelters?