The guidelines listed on this page are available to persons who choose not to hire an attorney. Please note: These guidelines are provided only as a public service and are not meant to be legal advice. The Register in Probate Office cannot give legal advice; please contact an attorney if you have legal questions.

Probate Benchmarks

Wisconsin Statutes require all estates to be settled as soon as reasonably possible and without unnecessary delay. The Tenth District Circuit Court Judges (which includes Burnett County Circuit Court) has set twelve (12) months as the benchmark for disposing of probate cases. All cases filed in Burnett County must be closed within twelve (12) months of filing the initial application or petition.

Filing Claims

There is a standard court form (PR-1819) for filing claims to complete and file with the Court. You can find the form at the Wisconsin Courts website.

There is a $3.00 statutory filing fee for filing a claim. The claim must be filed within the time limit for filing claims. You can check the court file in person or review the court record on the internet at Wisconsin Courts website and do a case search to check the time limit for filing claims for a particular case. A copy of the claim should be provided to the Personal Representative and the estate attorney, if applicable.

Summary Settlement

Summary Settlement Guideline (PDF)

Summary Assignment

Summary Assignment Guideline (PDF)

Special Administration

Special Administration Guideline (PDF)

Informal Administration

Informal Administration Guideline (PDF)