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Some State-funded Snowmobile and Winter ATV/UTV Trails Closing - See message below

All state-funded snowmobile and winter ATV/UTV trails north of Danbury are open.  South of Danbury, trails that are east of State Highway 35 and north of State Highway 70 also remain open.  All other state-funded snowmobile and winter ATV/UTV trails, including the Gandy Dancer Trail, will close at midnight on 2/25.

Due to sun and temperatures in the high 30s, trails are deteriorating quickly.  Conditions are poor in open areas and fair in wooded areas.

Watch for icy spots on the trails!  Also, please use caution as some swamps and lakes may not be frozen.  After high winds, always be sure to watch for possible downed trees.

Snowmobile trails are marked with ORANGE blazers and ATV/UTV snow trails are marked with BLUE blazers.  You may find the maps under "Trail Rules, Maps and Licensing Information".

All snowmobiles, ATVs, and UTVs must be registered or licensed to ride on our trails.  Trail passes are also required.  Only machines meeting the state definition of an ATV/UTV are allowed on these trails. WI DNR state definitions and registration/pass information.

Some township ordinances allow for ATV/UTV use of the town roads and others do NOT allow it.  It is the rider’s responsibility to contact the township in which you plan to ride in and get the current rules pertaining to ATVs/UTVs and their town roads.  

NO OFF TRAIL USE IS ALLOWED - Please stay on the trails.  Much of our trail system is on private land, and we appreciate the easements granted by our generous land owners. It only takes one person riding illegally on personal property to have an entire trail shut down.  

Caution: Trail maintenance vehicles may be on the trails at any time.  Also watch for signage regarding timber sale activity. Trucks may cross trails at any time.

It is your responsibility to know where you are and whose property you are on.  Please be careful, be respectful to other trail users, and ride safely.

For specific information on our trails, follow these links:

Snowmobile Trails

ATV/UTV Trails

Maps, Rules, and Pass & Licensing Information



Trails south of Highway 70 and west of Highway 35, including the Gandy Dancer Trail, will close at midnight on 2/25.


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If you need any maps other than what we have our website, or if you need any other information, please contact Burnett County Tourism at 1-800-788-3164 or feel free to email them.

Maps are also available at many local businesses.

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