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Burnett County
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Trail Updates

As the Natural Resources Committee has chosen to do for many years now, and keeping safety in mind, Burnett County will NOT open any winter ATV or snowmobile recreational trails for our December 1 through March 31 riding season until after all gun deer hunting seasons.  There is a muzzleloader season and also an antlerless deer season through December 11.  The earliest we will be able to open ANY of these winter ATV or snowmobile trails will be on December 12.  (This includes the Frozen Ground Trails.)  Please check back at that time for updates on our conditions.


PLEASE keep in mind that there are gun deer hunting seasons from November 19 through December 11.  If you choose to ride, please consider wearing blaze orange as you are riding on Burnett County Forest Lands at your own risk. Please ride with caution!

On September 16, the Burnett County State-Funded Summer Use ATV Trails closed.  HOWEVER, from September 16 through November 30, the Burnett County Forest Woods Trails and Forest Roads are open for ATV/UTV use. 

What this means is that you can ride your registered ATV/UTV on any woods trail, snowmobile trail, and ATV trail that is located on County Forest Lands as long as it is not bermed, gated, or signed as closed; and is at least eight feet wide. (A good rule of thumb is that if you could drive your truck down the trail, then you can take your ATV/UTV down it.) REMEMBER: No off-road motorcycles are allowed on our trails or on Burnett County Forest Lands at any time. No off-trail use is allowed and operation on private lands is illegal unless you have permission from the private landowner.

It is very important to note that all of these trails are currently multi-use trails.  This means that any street legal, licensed vehicle can use these trails during this time, (trucks for example).  It's also important to note that these trails are no longer being maintained during this time of year.  For these reasons we call the State-Funded Summer Use ATV Trail System closed, even though you can still ride the majority of these same trails because they are located on County Forest Lands and township roads that currently allow for the use of ATV/UTVs during this time of year.

Also note: It is illegal to ride your ATV/UTV on the Gandy Dancer Trail in Burnett County at this time of year, except north of Hwy 77 into Minnesota.

All ATVs and UTVs must display either a Wisconsin registration or an ATV trail pass to ride on our trails.  Only machines meeting the state definition of an ATV/UTV are allowed on these trails.  Please follow this link for the state definitions and registration/pass information.

Use caution and look for signage regarding timber sale activity.  Trucks may be crossing trails.

Some township ordinances allow for ATV/UTV use of the town roads and others do NOT allow it.  It is the rider's responsibility to contact the township in which you plan to ride in and get the current rules pertaining to ATVs/UTVs and the town roads.  Please follow this link for contact information.

NO OFF-TRAIL USE IS ALLOWED.  Please stay on the designated trails to protect our trail agreements with private landowners. 

Caution:  Trail maintenance vehicles may be on the trails at any time.

It is your responsibility to know where you are and whose property you are on.  Please be careful, be respectful to other trail users, and ride safely.

For more information on our Summer-Use Trails, ATV/UTV information, and maps, follow this link.

TRAIL CLOSURES:  None at this time. 

Contact Information

If you need any maps other than what we have on this website, or if you need any other information, please contact Burnett County Tourism at 1-800-788-3164 or feel free to email them at 

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