Burnet County Wisconsin
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Burnett County
Government Center
7410 County Road K
Siren, WI 54872
Community Outreach & Education

7410 County Road K #280
Siren, WI  54872

p. 715-349-7600
f. 715-349-2140

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Education, outreach, and initiatives directed by Burnett County DHHS Public Health.
Connect, Connection, Cooperation, Hands

Blood Drive
Burnett County DHHS-Public Health will be hosting a blood drive on July 27, 2017. The event will be in room 165 and run from 8am-1pm. To schedule an appointment call 1-800-RED CROSS or visit redcrossblood.org and enter Sponsor Code: Burnett County. Visit our Facebook Page for more information.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Education
The Burnett County Department of Health and Human Services received a grant, for 2015-2016, through the Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Tracking Program (EPHT), to hand out carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and provide education to residents of Burnett County. This outreach occurred at various locations in the county, such as community centers, schools, WIC office, Connections Store and More, and Burnett County Family Resource Center.  You can view an article regarding this grant and outreach from the Tracking Times Newsletter. You can also find out more about Carbon Monoxide.

Preparedness Outreach and Education
At community events bug spray, tweezers, and information about mosquito and tick-borne disease prevention have been distributed to the public. This is in an effort to prevent some mosquito and tick borne communicable diseases. One mosquito borne communicable disease that has recently received a lot of media coverage is Zika.

Weather Radios
In 2016, for recognition of the 15th anniversary of the Siren tornado, Burnett County has purchased 360 weather radios to improve the county's alert and warning capabilities for severe weather. These radios will provide a 24-hour source of weather forecasts, watches, warnings, and non-weather emergency information from the National Weather Service and its parent agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The purchase of these radios was made available through the generous use of grant dollars through the Burnett County Department of Health and Human Services. Priority is being given to the following groups: ADRC clients, WIC, Meals on Wheels recipients, daycares, elderly, and foster families. The limited number of remaining radios will be distributed through town and village clerks to those residents expressing an interest.

Nutrition Education
During the 2015-2016 school year a member of the Burnett County DHHS Public Health Unit provided nutrition education to kindergarten students. This education used age appropriate materials created by the USDA. In addition, during Nutrition Month students in grade kindergarten through 3rd were able to try new foods on a daily basis, at one of the area schools. Before they sampled the foods they were read a story about trying foods from each food group and then signed a blow up pineapple or banana agreeing to try new foods during Nutrition Month. These blow up fruits were displayed in the lunch area.

Arsenic and General Testing of Private Wells
In 2016, Burnett County DHHS Public Health Unit received a grant through Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Tracking Program (EPHT) for testing of a limited number of private wells to gather data for arsenic levels throughout the county. During outreach education will also be provided on general well water testing. A Well Water & Arsenic Factsheet is being given out at implementation of this program. The DNR also provides information on well water testing.

Winter Weather Preparedness
In 2017, during a distribution day at a local food pantry, Burnett County DHHS Public Health was able to provided education and resources for over 100 people on winter weather. There were handouts provided on winter weather terms, in addition to things people could do at home to be prepared for winter weather or a power outage during the winter. One of the items on the list to have for preparedness was a flashlight. In order to help people get started being prepared at home flashlights were distributed with the handouts.

Community Resources
In 2016-2017, envelopes with resources were handout out to community members in the WIC Office, at a daycare, through schools, and at a food pantry. Over 300 of these resource packets have been distributed. The packets include a magnet for lead prevention, Poison Control information, Quitline Card, Mental Health Crisis Line card, Healthy Burnett Card, Public Health card, and more.

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