Burnett County Wisconsin
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Burnett County Government Center
7410 County Road K
Siren, WI 54872

Land Information Office

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1. Where can I get a plat book?
2. Where do I get a building permit?
3. I received a letter from my bank saying my property is in a floodplain. Can anyone at the County help me with this?
4. What is the difference between an address number and a fire number?
5. How do I find my property identification number (PIN)?
6. Will the County Surveyor survey my parcel?
7. How do I find out if a surveyor is licensed?
8. How do I find out who owns a certain property?
9. Who are the board members for my municipality?
10. Who is the assessor for my municipality?
11. I don't believe my property assessment is correct, how do I go about getting it changed?
12. How do I find out how much was paid for a piece of real estate?
13. Can I find out the square footage or age of a structure?
14. My spouse and I have divorced, why is their name still on my tax bill?
15. My spouse has passed away, but the tax bill still shows their name?
16. I was married recently, why is my maiden name still on my tax bill?
17. I just bought a newly created parcel this year, why did the tax bill come in the previous owners name?
18. How do I find out what a parcel is zoned?
19. Where can I find a map of my property?
20. Can I get a list of recent real estate sales?
21. When will a new plat book be published?