Burnett County Wisconsin
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Burnett County Government Center
7410 County Road K
Siren, WI 54872

Emergency Management

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May 2, 2018 11:00 AM

Test of the Burnett County Emergency Alert System

This is a test of the Burnett County Emergency Alert system available through our website host, CivicPlus. You have signed up for notifications through the Burnett County website, BurnettCounty.com, and selecting the Notify Me link. In the ongoing review process of our procedures, I am evaluating effectiveness current systems are exploring investing in new technologies.
This Emergency Alert system would be used to notify residents and visitors to Burnett County that have signed up for this service of an Emergency Event such as impending hazardous weather situation, HAZMAT spill, evacuation notice, emergency road closures, etc.
Do you, or would you, find this system useful and is the format presented sufficient? Are there other features that you would like to see that this system is not capable of providing? Would you encourage others to sign up for this service? What sorts of notices would you like have trigger an Emergency Alert?
I would really like to hear your comments. Please call or text me a 715-327-3647 or email me at jtolbert@burnettcounty.org
Thank you…… Jim Tolbert, Burnett County Emergency Management Director

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